Welcome to Clinical Research Consulting

Clinical Research Consulting is an independent research organization, founded in 1990, advancing medical science through clinical trials and related medical care in the Northeastern US.  We provide our clients with excellence in trial performance, contributing to the development of new therapies and medicines across a broad range of conditions.  We provide our patients with the information they need as they decide to join a study, as well as the care and attention to their medical needs as a part of the study itself.


Our Staff

Our Facility

Our Patients

A female doctor holding paper people, focus on the hands

Our staff is highly experienced in clinical research and can ensure clear communications throughout the clinical trial, as well as the accurate and ethical conduct of each trial.

A doctor taking her patient pulse rate.

Our medical offices are located in convenient, accessible sites, with ground floor or elevator accessible locations, parking, and nearby access to bus and train lines.

Patients Waiting In Lobby

Our location in highly populated communities in the Northeast provides us with access to diverse populations of volunteers who may be qualified to participate in a study.