Clinical Research Consulting has a 26 year history of conducting successful clinical trials, recruiting patients that meet the eligibility requirements for a study in an efficient and effective manner. But executing on the study is only part of the story. We are proactive in ensuring that our processes are based upon industry best practices, from the point we execute a CDA with a CRO or Sponsor organization until the final close-out of the study.

Performance Metrics

We take pride in ensuring we are responsive to our Sponsors and the CROs with which they work.  Some of the key metrics we track about our own performance include those shown here.  Our study management team evaluates new studies against our volunteer database and local demographics after CDA execution, evaluating the protocol and assessing our ability to execute successfully for the Sponsor organization.  We would rather turn down a study very early in the process than to take on something that we believe may not be a good match for our local demographics and volunteer community.  We pay attention to requests from Sponsors and CROs alike, addressing legal and budgetary reviews with a level of urgency.  We understand that each step of the clinical trials process is lengthy, and unnecessary delays add costs to the study on an overall basis, and do our utmost to keep administrative delays to a minimum.


Metrics Graphic-Administrative



Best Practices in Patient Recruitment

One of the most important assets an independent clinical research site can offer is a strong base of volunteers interested in contributing to the clinical trial process, with diversity in age, gender, and medical indications.  We are proud to have a robust database that we have built and continually refresh through strong programs of community outreach.  We work with local media, community health and social fairs, employers, churches, and others to ensure potential volunteers know who and where we are, and educate them about the role of clinical studies in getting new treatments to market.  We have increased the number of email addresses we have for our patients by 100% in the past year, and are utilizing email and web-based media as well as more traditional methods to inform our community about studies.  We also have a number of highly-experienced specialists who work with us as Investigators, each of them providing access to their own database of patients, enabling us to have an expanded reach through data mining and thoughtful chart review procedures.

For more information about our experience in specific clinical trials:

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