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About Us

Clinical Research Consulting, LLC is an internationally known independent research center dedicated to conducting high quality clinical research studies in multiple therapeutic areas. CRC is committed to helping physicians and their patients gain access to new, promising treatments that can improve quality of life and to helping trial sponsors meet and exceed their patient recruitment efficiency and quality assurance/data integrity goals.

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive set of services to aid in the process of bringing new, effective treatments to the market, through Phase II, III, and IV clinical trials. Our team, led by Medical Director, Susann Varano, M.D., is extremely experienced and have a detailed knowledge of GCP and ICH guidelines.

With locations in Northern New Jersey as well as in the greater New Haven CT area, Clinical Research Consulting provides our patients with convenient access to a state-of-the-art medical facility where they will receive excellent care throughout their study participation.

Through the strong network represented by our Medical Director, Principal Investigators, and Sub-Investigators, we supplement the expertise of our team from time to time with specialists. This breadth of expertise, combined with high levels of experience in applying quality standards, enables Clinical Research Consulting to be an effective resource to Sponsor organizations in promoting the scientific process.

Our Facility

Clinical Research Consulting
2080 Bridgeport Avenue
Milford, CT  06460

Located 1 mile off Interstate I-95, and 1.5 miles off Route 15 (Wilbur Cross/Merritt Parkway). We are walking distance to the Milford Train Station and an hour’s drive from 2 major airports, Bradley International and Westchester County Airport.  Directly across the street is Milford Hospital.

Lodging is conveniently located nearby at the following:

Drug and Records Storage

Medications being used for clinical trials are stored on site in specially designed locked storage cabinets located in a locked and secure office with very limited access.  Study drug is temperature regulated and monitored regularly.  We have an alarm system with central monitoring that provides physical security for our facility and provides an alarm should any temperature regulated zones go out of range, including drug storage cabinets, freezers, and refrigerators.

Our study documents are also stored in locked offices to provide the utmost confidentiality.

We have a fully equipped site with all the necessary equipment to successfully run a clinical trial.

All of our equipment is calibrated annually.  Our Laboratory is CLIA certified and our coordinators are all IATA certified.

  • Comfortable waiting room with television
  • Laboratory
  • Monitoring space with Internet access -high speed Wireless/Cable available
  • Conference Room
  • 12 Lead ECG machines with interpretations
  • -20 degree freezer
  • -70 degree freezers
  • Secure drug storage
  • Secure record storage
  • Refrigerator (2) locked
  • Centrifuge (2)
  • CPR certified staff, emergency medications, oxygen
  • Exam rooms (3)
  • Dry ice
  • Radiological Services off site (3 miles)

Technology Environment

We execute trials in a cutting-edge technology environment.  We continually re-evaluate our operating environment to ensure we have a robust and secure network with Wi-Fi access alongside wired networks for redundancy.  Our clinical trial management system is fully integrated from the point of web and social media-based recruitment, text-based appointment reminders to increase retention, electronic regulatory documents, electronic source documents, and support for remote monitoring capabilities.

Rapid Start-up

Clinical Research Consulting has a 30-year history of conducting successful clinical trials, recruiting patients that meet the eligibility requirements for a study in an efficient and effective manner. But executing on the study is only part of the story. We are proactive in ensuring that our processes are based upon industry best practices, from the point we execute a CDA with a CRO or Sponsor organization until the final close-out of the study.

Performance Metrics

We take pride in ensuring we are responsive to our Sponsors and the CROs with which they work.  Our commitment to you is to support your needs for efficient site selection and rapid start-up.  Our internal performance metrics reflect how we prioritize this work:

CDA Execution
Feasibility Survey Response
Budget Review
CTA Review
CTA/Budget Execution
1 day
1-2 days
Same day
Same day
5 days from receipt

Effective Volunteer Recruiting

One of the most important assets an independent clinical research site can offer is a strong base of volunteers interested in contributing to the clinical trial process, with diversity in age, gender, and medical indications.  We are proud to have a robust database that we have built and continually refresh through strong programs of community outreach, with over 6000 volunteers.  We design outreach campaigns to recruit for upcoming studies through:

  • Local media (radio, cable TV)
  • Community events and fairs
  • Website
  • Social media campaigns
  • Referrals from Investigators and local physician community

Our website is directly integrated with our clinical trials management system, enabling us to quickly capture details from people interested in your study and route them directly to a member of our study team for follow-up.

Our Experience

We have 30 years of experience in clinical trials and have been here through many evolutions of the industry.  Along with Sponsors and CROs, we have learned how to ensure safety for study subjects, execute protocols precisely, maximize subject retention, and provide reliable and responsive communication of study data throughout. Our experience is best exemplified by the companies we have worked with, the indications we have worked on, and the products we have helped bring to market:

The most qualified, skillful and professional staff

Connecticut Office

New Jersey Office

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