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We frequently perform studies to track the performance of broad population vaccines, such as for seasonal flu.  Our studies generally include criteria to include participants from specific age groups, and typically include one or two visits to our site as well as follow-up phone calls to follow how the vaccines performed.  These studies are typically performed with healthy adult volunteers.


We are currently completing a trial for healthy volunteers to participate in one of two Pneumonia vaccine trials – one for volunteers 60+ who have never had a pneumonia vaccine before, and one for volunteers 65+ who have had a pneumonia vaccine previously.

Lyme Disease

We are preparing now to begin enrolling two trials for Lyme disease vaccine for volunteers aged 18-65.  One trial will last 13 months and the other trial will be 18 months in duration.

We have conducted a number of other vaccine trials in the past, including seasonal flu vaccine trials and for other infectious diseases such as a Meningococcal vaccine and a C-DIFF vaccine trial.

If you think you may qualify for a current or future study in this area, or want to discuss your questions with our team, call us at 
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